Installing the latest V4L TV tuner drivers for Fedora 8


Bill Giannikos


This guide will help you install the latest development V4L TV tuner drivers under Fedora 8. Fedora already includes a older driver set with its kernel however you may need to update to the latest version for (better) support for your TV tuner card.


While this guide is mainly focused to laptop users there isn't any difference for desktop users.

This guide installs the “up to the minute” development drivers. These drivers have not been fully tested yet so may cause unexpected results in some cases.


You should run a full update for your installation of Fedora to ensure you have all the latest packages installed.

Installing the latest V4L drivers

Here are the steps involved for installing the V4L drivers.

1. Load up a terminal window if you are in the graphic interface.

2. Switch to the root user by entering the command “su -” (without the quotes) and typing in your root password.

3. Type in the following to install gcc, mercurial and the kernel headers:

yum install gcc kernel-devel mercurial

4. Move to the /usr/src/ folder with:

cd /usr/src

5. Download the latest drivers with:

hg clone

6. Move into the newly created folder with

cd v4l-dvb

7. Now start the building process with:


This will take a while.

8. And finally install these drivers with:

make install

9. Reboot your computer and the newer V4L drivers will be used.


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“PITTSBURGH (AP) - Patric Hornqvist makes a living by working in tight spaces. Given a rare moment of freedom from his usual spot parked in front of the opponent’s net, the Pittsburgh Penguins forward pushed the Washington Capitals to the brink of elimination.
Hornqvist fired a loose puck between Braden Holtby’s legs 2:34 into overtime to give the Penguins a 3-2 victory Wednesday night in Game 4 of the tightly contested second-round series.
Washington’s Mike Weber tried to steer the puck out of harm’s way in front of the net, but it went right to Hornqvist charging in from the right circle. The burly forward buried it for his fifth goal of the postseason to give the Penguins a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinals.”
“That’s a big win,” Hornqvist said. “Now we have to stick with it. We haven’t done anything yet.”
Maybe, but the Penguins can advance to the conference final with a victory in Game 5 in Washington on Saturday after sending the Capitals to a third straight loss. Washington dropped three consecutive games just once while capturing the Presidents’ Trophy for posting the league’s best record. Now the Capitals are three periods away from an eighth playoff series loss to the Penguins in nine all-time postseason meetings.”

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