Installing Fedora 18


Bill Giannikos


In this guide we will be providing an easy set of instructions for installing Fedora 18 on your computer. This guide already assumes you have prepared your computer for Linux or alternatively have followed the guides for VMware or VirtualBox if you plan to run Fedora as a virtual machine.

Installation Guide

Booting off the DVD

After booting off the Fedora 18 DVD (which is covered in the guides mentioned in the introduction) you will be presented with the above screen. You have two options here, Install Fedora and Test this media & install Fedora. This first option is used if you are sure the installation DVD is fine and want to skip the testing of the media while the second option tests the DVD for any defects. Select the appropriate option for your requirements and then the Fedora 18 installer will launch.

Using the Installation Wizard

Now select the language you would like to use and then press Next.

You will now be presented with this installation summary screen. You will at least need to edit the sections which have exclamation points next to them, however it is a good idea to look them all over. We will cover the various options here.

Date & Time: On selecting the Date & Time option you will be presented with this screen. Select the timezone appropriate to you. You will also have an option labeled Network Time. This option automatically retreives the date and time from the internet and sets your computer's clock to it. I would recommend leaving this option on.

Once you have finished click on the Done button.

Keyboard: On selecting the keyboard option you will be presented with this screen. If the keyboard you want to use is not on this list click the + button and add the keyboard. You can also delete any keyboard on the list which you do not use by selecting it and clicking the - button. Once everything is setup properly click on Done.

Installation Source: On selecting the Installation Source option you will be presented with this screen. Normally the default is fine for this option although you can initiate a network install if you wish. Most people will leave this section alone and just click Done.

Network Configuration: On selecting the Network Configuration option you will be presented with this screen. For a normal desktop install you would leave this alone as the Network Manager program will be used to configure the network once Fedora has been installed. If you are doing a server install you may like to change the options here to suit your network.

You should also change the Hostname option to a name suitable for your computer.

Once everything is setup properly click on Done.

Software Selection: On selecting the Software Selection option you will be presented with this screen. Here you can select which software you would like to install. You are given an option of which desktop environment you would like installed and also any add-ons you wish to add.

If you are not sure which desktop environment to use just leave the default option. You can switch to a different desktop environment later on if you wish.

Once you have chosen your desired options click on Done.

Installation Destination: On selecting the Installation Destination option you will be presented with this screen.
Here we will choose where and how you would like Fedora installed on your computer. In this example we only have one hard drive but if your computer has multiple drives select the drive you wish to install Fedora on.

The Encrypt my data option is used if you would like to encrypt your system. The purpose of this option is to encrypt all the data on your hard drive to ensure that if your system is stolen the data on your computer can not be used. This works by having Fedora ask you for an encryption installations, a server install will run into problems as someone needs to be physically at the terminal to enter the password each time the system reboots.

Once you have completed the selections you require click Continue.

You will now be presented with a boot device configuration screen. You will need to select the hard drive that your computer initially boots from and set it as the boot device. If you only have one hard drive then there is nothing for you to do. When ready click Close.

The next screen allows you to select the type of partitioning scheme you would like to use. Typically the default configuration is fine for most people, but you can select a customized partitioning scheme if your needs require it. Click Continue when done.

This installation process will now begin. However we will need to set a root password for the system, select the Root Password option to do this.

In this section you are able to enter the root password. This password is the administrator's password for the whole system. After entering your password twice (for verification purposes) click Done.

Now wait for the installation to complete. When it has finished click on the Reboot button. This will restart the computer and boot into your new Fedora installation.

Using the Setup Agent

When booting into Fedora 17 for the first time you may be presented with this setup agent, depending on the installation type you chose. To begin press Forward.

This screen present you with the licensing agreement for Fedora. If you understand and agree with this license then click Forward.

Now you are presented with the Create User screen. Type in your name, the username you would like to use and the password you will be using. The Add to Administrators group can be used if you would like the user to be able to administer the system.

The other items on this screen is for advanced setups and isn't required for most people.

When you have completed the details on this screen click Forward.

In this screen you are able to set the date and time although this is redundant as the Fedora installer had this option as well. After you have correctly set the current date and time click Finish.

The Setup Agent is now complete and you are now able to log into your system.

Installing the latest Fedora 18 updates via GUI

Installation is almost complete but there is one very important step before being able to use Fedora and that is to install all the required security updates.

Log into your computer with the username and password you selected. Next ensure you have a working internet connection. If you are using a wireless connection you can configure the wireless using the network manager on the top right of the screen.

Next launch the Software Update program. To do so click on Activities at the top left of the screen, type software and then click on the Software application.

Now click on the Software title bar and select Check for Updates.

You should get this list of updates, click on Install Updates to begin the update installation. You may see another dialog box labeled Additional confirmation required, click on Continue on this.

The updates will now be installed. When the updates are complete restart your computer for these updates to take effect.

Installing the latest Fedora 18 updates via the console

To install the updates via the console follow these steps:

  1. Log into the system as the root user.
  2. Ensure you have a working internet connection.
  3. Type in the following command:
    yum -y update
  4. Reboot the computer.

Your system is now up to date.


Your Fedora 18 system is now fully installed and up to date. For further guides in configuring certain parts of Fedora please view our Fedora Guides section.


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