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mika2000, 2014/04/19 13:33

Found this user guide two days after installing Linux Mint 14 alongside Windows 7 and 8. I had no problems at all with the installation. I just wish that I've read this earlier. Making my way around the system was all good but I'm still a noob when it comes to coding though.
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Scott Mickelbank, 2013/12/16 14:03

I am trying to install Mint 16 Cinamin on an ASUS G75VW with two Samsung 512 GB in
Raid 0. The load only gets to the 3rd screen, and tells me something about boot
files, and some other stuff, and stops. I am new at Linux, it runs on my desktop
on a single WD hard drive. Can it run in raid 0? It is also somewhat slow.
Maybe I got spoiled with windows on a pair of ssd drives in raid 0. Can anyone help
me? Should I be using another version of Linux? I want to separate myself from
Microsoft entirely.

Frank, 2013/12/21 05:11

Try Lubuntu,Xubuntu or maybe Crunchbang. With that small of RAM you need a minimalist OS. Mint works great but you need more RAM.4 to 8 is great! Puppy Linux works nice off a flash drive.

Scott Mickelbank, 2013/12/21 14:53

I have 32 G in my desktop, and 16G in my laptop. I get anal about my hardware.

Thank you.

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